Aspen Village Inn. This room sample photo is a two room suite with king size bed, two-person whirlpool bath, fireplace, and balcony with a million dollar view of the Waterton Park Valley.

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 We hope your visit is an enjoyable one! Please use this guide to enhance your stay at the Aspen Village Inn and Waterton Lakes National Park. 


Front Desk
Check-In/Check Out
Phone Calls/Messages
Wake Up Calls
Cots and Playpens
Voltage/Power Outage
Credit Cards
Exchange Rates 
Travelers Cheques 

Park Activities 
Canadian Wilderness Tours
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Front Desk Services
The front desk is staffed from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. If you have any needs or requests from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., please ring the doorbell.

Our front desk staff handles all reservations for individual parties. If you have a question about your current reservation or you would like to arrange your next visit, talk to our front desk staff. 
For group reservations, contact our group coordinator.

Check- In and Check-out
Check-in time is after 3:00 p.m. This gives us time to ensure that your room meets our standards before you settle in. Check-out time is 11:00 a.m. If, for any reason, you need to check out late, please make prior arrangements.

If you require assistance simply let the front desk know about your needs.

You may keep your key until check-out time. However, if you prefer to leave it at the front desk while out of the building, please feel free to do so.

Guest parking is available in front of and around 
the Aspen Village Inn

Phone Calls
Instructions for use of the phones can be found on the card affixed to the phone in each room. All phones have a data port on the side for plugging in laptops. We also have a pay phone in the main lobby entrance that accepts all major credit cards and calling cards. An additional pay phone is located near the stairs at the Windflower building. Please note: There will be a 50" charge on all local and long distance calls. 

Faxes and Photocopies
Faxes may be sent the fee is $1.50 per page plus toll charges. Faxes received are $1.50 per page. 
The Fax Number for the Aspen Village Inn is (403) 859-2033.
If you need items photocopied the cost for this service is twenty cents per copy.

Wake-up Calls
The front desk will be glad to program a wake-up call for you or you may program it yourself using the instructions on the phones.

Baby-Sitting Service
Baby-sitting Service is available to Inn guests in the evenings, but please give us of 24 hours notice. Fees for baby-sitting are negotiated with the baby-sitter and those requiring their service. 

Cots and Playpens
If a cots or playpens are available the charge is $20.00 for cots and $15.00 for Playpens per night.

Outside Guests
You are welcome to have your guests visit with you in your rooms or in public areas until 11:00 p.m. After that time, only registered guests will be allowed on the premises.

Voltage/Power Outage
The building outlets are all 110 volts. 

If you require extra items, such as towels, soap or blankets, let the front desk know and they will inform our Housekeeping staff.

There is a Laundromat located in the Townsite at 301 Windflower Avenue, phone # 859-2460. Operating hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily in the summer season.


The evening mountain temperature is usually every pleasant for sleeping.
If your room is too hot, please let us know and we will provide a fan.

If you need ice for your room, the ice machine is near the front desk.

Canadian Postage Stamps must be used on all mail sent from Canada. They may be purchased at the front desk or at the Townsite Post Office, located at the corner of Fountain Avenue and Windflower Avenue, is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, year round. (Just down the street)

Valuables may be left at the front desk for safe keeping during your stay.

The available local channels are 4, 6, and 12. The satlite TV instructions are by the TV and VCR's are available at the front desk.

Complaints and Compliments
We at the Aspen Village Inn aim to provide the best service possible to our guests and find your comments on improving our property and Waterton Park very valuable. If you have a complaint, please let us know so that we may correct the problem. We also like to know when our staff have done a job worth remembering. If you have had good service, let us know so we may relay the word to the appropriate people. Complaints and compliments may be written on our Comment Sheet in the back of the room folder. 

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Bank Machines

There is an A.T.M. located in Pat's Gas Station, which is situated directly across from the marina on Mount View Road. (directly behind the Aspen Cottages)

Your bill must be paid upon departure unless prior arrangements have been made with the management. During your stay, Kilmorey Lodge Dining Room, Cafe, and Lounge bills may be charged to your room.

Credit Cards
The Aspen Village Inn will accept all valid MASTERCARD, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, ENROUTE, 

Exchange Rates
The Aspen Village Inn will accept American currency. The rate will depend on the current bank rate. Other Waterton businesses also give an exchange rate based on the bank rate and their own exchange policy. Change will be given back in Canadian currency.

Travelers Cheques
Major traveler's cheques are accepted at the Inn and cashed for our guests. Most Waterton businesses will also accept traveler's cheques.

Major Canadian bank outlets are located in the towns of Cardston and Pincher Creek. Most are equipped with banking machines. Please consult our front desk to help you locate the bank you require. 

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Waterton Lakes National Park

Once you have visited Waterton/Glacier International Peace Park, its easy to understand why, many years ago, the Governments of Canada and the United States decided to protect the precious and unique ecosystems of this corner of the world.
Back in 1901, George Bird Grinell, an outdoor enthusiast and editor of Forest and Stream magazine, was already writing and speaking about The Crown of the Continent. This unexcelled area, according to Grinell, deserved protection because of its outstanding recreational and aesthetic values. His tireless efforts proved fruitful in 1910 when Glacier National Park was established. Canada quickly followed suit. Originally designated in 1895 as Kootenay Lakes Forest Park, Waterton Lakes National Park was made official in 1911. 
In a visionary move far before its time, the two National Governments, along with Rotary International, created Waterton/Glacier International Peace Park. Since that time, the two governments have worked together to protect, interpret, and manage our beautiful Peace Park. Further recognition for this unique ecosystem came in 1979 when the United Nations designated the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem as an International Biosphere Reserve, and in 1995 when the United Nations declared Waterton Lakes National Park a World Heritage Site.
We at the Aspen Village Inn are extremely proud of our Park and invite you to help us to provide a high quality experience for yourself and future guests by giving consideration to the following guidelines. This Visitor Code of Ethics was developed by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, recognizing that a high-quality tourism experience depends on the conservation of our natural resources, the protection of our environment, and the preservation of our cultural heritage. 

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Visitor's Code of Ethics 

1. Enjoy our diverse natural and cultural heritage and help us to protect and preserve it.
2. Assist us in our conservation efforts through the efficient use of resources, including energy and water.
3. Experience the friendliness of our people and the welcoming spirit of our communities. Help us to preserve these attributes by respecting our traditions, customs and local regulations.
4. Avoid activities which threaten wildlife or plant populations, or which may be potentially damaging to our natural environment.
5. Select tourism products and services which demonstrate social, cultural and environmental sensitivity. 
Thank you for working with us to leave this wonderful natural legacy for our childrens children 

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Waterton Park Activities
(follow Link To Gallery section)


Pats Gas and Cycle Rental, at 224 Mount View Road, offers surreys, mountain bikes and motorized scooters on an hourly or daily rental basis. Biking is an ideal way to see the beauty of the Park.

Bird Watching
Waterton's the perfect place for bird watching. Waterton Lakes National Park is on both the Trans Montana and Central Flyways, and has more species than any other place in the province - over 240 different birds enjoy the Park!

Boat Cruises

Guided tour cruises of Upper Waterton Lake are offered all summer. Tickets for the cruise are sold at the Front Desk, and the marina. Please check at the Front Desk for time schedules. Cameron Lake offers canoe, paddleboat and row boat rentals. Middle Waterton Lake is the only lake in the Park where motorized boats are permitted. 

Fly and lake fishing opportunities abound in the Park. Rainbow trout, pike, whitefish, and lake trout up to 50 pounds, are caught here. A Waterton Park permit is needed to fish within the park boundaries, may be purchased at various outlets in town or at the Parks Office. Before heading out, please check information on any restricted areas.

Spectacular scenery and challenging day or evening golf are offered on Waterton's 18-hole course. Golf equipment and golf carts are available for rent through the pro shop. For tee-times and to ensure there are no tournaments when you wish to play, call 859-2114.

Waterton Park has some of the best hiking trails in Canada. With more than 180 km of trails to choose from, there is something for everyones level of hiking. Hikes start from the Townsite, Akamina Highway and Red Rock Canyon Road. Some trails interconnect with Glacier Park in the United States. Mountain weather can change drastically within minutes, so please be prepared and carry proper clothing for mountain hiking. Maps and books on hiking trails are for sale at the front desk. 
Guided hikes are offered by Canadian Wilderness Tours.

Horse Back Riding
Alpine Stables are open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. Horses may be rented per hour, for 2 or 3 hours, or on a daily basis. All rides in the Park are guided. Alpine Stables number is 859-2462.

Parks Canada 
Interpretive Programs

During summer months, Canada Parks Service offers slide shows and programs to help people enjoy the Park to its fullest extent. The Townsite and Crandell Mountain Campgrounds have indoor 
theatres where these programs are held nightly. For times and programs contact the Park Info Centre at 859-2445.

Waterton Lakes National Park is a photographer's paradise, so be sure to have plenty of film or videotape. Extra supplies are available at 
several local shops. 

Scenic Drives

Cameron Lake Drive: Only 10 miles from the Village to Cameron Lake, take a short, scenic drive along a paved road. You can observe creeks, waterfalls, the Oil City Historic Site or stop for a picnic. Once at Cameron Lake take an easy stroll on paved walkways along the lake or hike to The Summit. Boat rentals are available.

Red Rock Canyon Road Drive: Also about 10 miles long is the enchanting road from the Village to Red Rock Canyon. This drive demonstrates the many reasons why the Waterton Lakes area was chosen to be preserved as a National Park. The dramatic geography, good wildlife viewing opportunities and beautiful flora will take your breath away. Once at Red Rock Canyon follow a self guided trail along the Canyon to Blakiston Falls. See the best of Waterton Park... Where the Mountains Meet the Prairies!

Chief Mountain Customs Road: This road leads to Chief Mountain Customs and Glacier National Park. The drive offers an incredible view of the Waterton Valley and Middle Waterton Lake surrounded by towering mountain peaks. A camera and plenty of film are a must on these drives!

Scuba Diving
Waterton's lakes offer excellent scuba diving opportunities. The most popular spot is in Emerald Bay, in front of the Kilmorey Lodge. The Park's crystal clear waters and a sunken paddle steamer, "The Gertrude," are special attractions for many scuba clubs. 

Waterton Park shops offer a variety of souvenirs, casual clothing, travel needs and other items for the visitor. Most operate all day, 
seven days a week, in the summer months.

Tennis Courts
Four public tennis courts are located opposite the swimming pool, on Cameron Falls Drive. Racquets can be rented from Pats. 

The Waterton Opera House, the Parks movie theatre, is open during the summer months. Shows change regularly. For information call 859-2466. 

Waterton Heritage Centre
The Waterton Heritage Centre is open to the public during the summer, with activities and displays on natural and cultural aspects of the Park for the entire family. The Centre also offers for sale a wide selection of books on the Park and hosts a number of excellent one and two-day field courses. Contact the Heritage Centre at 117 Waterton Avenue 
or phone 859-2267.

Whether you come in the spring, summer or fall, Waterton's hills and valleys, alpine and prairie meadows teem with wildflowers. More than 800 species of flowering plants are found in the Park. Take a walk with 
Canadian Wilderness Tours, Waterton's wildflower experts!

Waterton's lakes offer excellent windsurfing opportunities. It is 
advisable to wear a wet or dry suit as the lakes are glacier-fed.

Winter Fun
Winter in Waterton has a special kind of magic. The lakes freeze over, usually around Christmas, and Mother Nature blankets the earth with heavy snow. You can skate on Middle Waterton, Linnet Lake or, if conditions are right, skate down the Upper Lake and across the international boundary. 

Cross Country skiing is another way to get outside and enjoy the beauty and peaceful surroundings of the Park. Try the trails around Cameron Lake, or in the Townsite. The Kilmorey also offers special Cross-Country Ski Packages, for a winter get-away that's truly affordable. About 75 lucky people get to call Waterton their year-round home, so basic services like groceries, gas and post office, keep winter hours. Of course, the Kilmorey Lodge is open all year.

A Special Note on  Wildlife Watching

The Park abounds with wildlife. Elk, sheep, deer, moose, bears and other wild animals are often seen by even the casual sightseer. Please remember, the animals may seem tame, but they are wild. 

The animals must eat only there own food!

We must stress that feeding the animals can disrupt their digestive system and is dangerous. Animals fed human food will often not go back.... to eating the diet Nature meant for them. Once animals start foraging for human food they can be dangerous and may have to be destroyed.
Please enjoy them from a distance. 

It is important to set an example for your children and other Park visitors. 
Please pick up and read the brochures about local wildlife.

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Canadian Wilderness Tours and White Mountain Adventures,

two well known guiding companies in the Rockies, have teaming up to offer new and exciting adventures in Waterton Lakes!

"Daily Special" Programs
We leave a number of days each week free to offer either hikes, walks or wildlife watching tours. The program offered each day depends on the season, the special events happening and the amount of interest in a particular activity. 

1/2 Day Walks and Hikes

Suggested walks/hikes: Lower Bertha Falls, Bear's Hump, Summit Lake, 
Red Rock Canyon, Crandell Lake. Cost per person: $45 
Departure Times: 9:00 AM or 1:00 PM

Full Day Walks and Hikes

Suggested Hikes: Crypt Lake, Carthew-Alderson, Rowe Meadows, Frank Slide/Turtle Mountain. Cost per person: (Water Taxi to Crypt Lake Trail is extra) Departure Time: 9:00 AM

Wildlife & Nature in the Rockies

From buffalo to beargrass, Waterton is a spectacular place to see wildlife and to gain a greater appreciation of nature. The Wildlife and Nature in Waterton program is designed to get you out experiencing nature, seeing it, and feeling it. Our Professional Interpretive guides are experts at knowing where to find wildlife and in what kind of habitats they're likely to be found. 
Lunch, use of binoculars, spotting scope, guide books included. 

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The Kilmorey Lodge is the sister property of the Aspen Village Inn. For locations of each property follow the to the Townsite Map.

The Lamp Post Dining Room
Our award-winning menu offers a wide variety of items to satisfy most everyones tastes. Each section of the menu has items that meet the Heart-Wise Program Specifications. The Lamp Post Dining Room is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and reservations are recommended. 
You may make reservations for the Lamp Post Dining Room at the Kilmorey Lodge by dialing 9 + 444.

Ram's Head Lounge
Relax in the Rams Head Lounge and enjoy a drink, be it alcoholic or 
non-alcoholic. On a cold day, if you would like a fire to be lit in the stone fireplace, please feel free to ask the staff. Ask about our selection of video movies, cards or one of the other table games available.

Gazebo Cafi
This lake front outdoor restaurant offers excellent food in a casual atmosphere. The Cafi is open during the summer months from 12:00 noon to 9:00 p.m.

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Doctors and Hospitals

Both Pincher Creek and Cardston have doctors and hospitals. These communities are each about 50 km away. The Park has an emergency ambulance if needed. Please inform the front desk
or use the numbers as follows:
Pincher Creek Hospital - 627-3333
Cardston Hospital - 653-4411
Park Emergency Ambulance - 859-2636
Poison Centre - 1-800-332-1414

Police and Park Wardens
The R.C.M.P. and Park Wardens work closely together to ensure the safety of visitors to the Park. The R.C.M.P. have a detachment in the Park during the summer months. Wardens are here year round. 
The R.C.M.P. office is located on Vimy Avenue, and the Parks office is located on Mount View Road.

24 Hour, Year Round R.C.M.P. - 653-4931
R.C.M.P. Waterton Detachment - 859-2244
Wardens Office - 859-2477

If you see a fire in Waterton Townsite, dial the Fire Alarm at:
If you see a fire in any of the wilderness areas,
contact the Wardens Office at:

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We Recommend

The following businesses and services extend the same high quality of customer service and product quality we offer at the Kilmorey Lodge. We feel certain that your visit to Waterton Lakes National Park will only be enhanced by visiting the following establishments.

Canadian Wilderness Tours
Waterton Park's eco-tour and environmental education service, Canadian Wilderness Tours offers programs in wildlife, wilderness safety, fishing, geology, bears, bird-watching, ecology. Guided hikes include spectacular Carthew-Alderson and the legendary Crypt Lake Hike. Join Canadian Wilderness Tours for a Village Tour, or enjoy a scenic drive in the Park with one of their guides. Located at 503 Cameron Falls Drive, just behind the Waterton Opera House.

Waterton Inter-Nation Shoreline Cruise Co.
Enjoy the beauty of nature from large, comfortable boats as they quietly ply the water beside majestic cliffs. Throughout the 2 1/2 hour cruise you will cross the International Border into Montana, and make photographic stops. For your convenience, tickets may be purchased at the Front Desk of the Kilmorey Lodge, the Aspen Village Inn, and Canadian Wilderness Tours.

Pat's Gas & Cycle Rental
Something for everyone! Rent scooters, Surreys, or Mountain Bikes to get around Waterton. Did you forget your tennis racquet or fishing supplies? 
Is your car giving you problems?
Pat's...friendly smiles and something for everyone!

Waterton Lakes Golf Course
The Waterton Park Community Association has been making some very positive changes to the course over the past few years! The challenging 18-hole course is an original Stanley Thompson design, and provides panoramic views of Waterton Lakes and the surrounding mountain peaks. Ask at the Kilmorey Lodge Front Desk and we will be happy to book a tee-time for you!

Great Canadian Barn Dance
Join in the spirit of the "Old Time Country Dance" at a real barn in the beautiful rolling hills of Southwestern Alberta. With the Rockies to the west, Chief Mountain to the south, and quiet ranch country all around, it is easy to relax and imagine yourself in a more peaceful, laid back era. Located 45 km from Waterton Park, we will be happy to provide directions to the Great Canadian Barn Dance. Ask for a map at the front desk.

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For Further Information

Victor Akitt - General Manager 

Paul Burgess - General Manager 

Nicki Schoening - Promotions / Groups Coordinator

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The, acting only as a coordinator for the programs listed herein, assumes no responsibility or liability in connection with the services or rates as listed and provided by the operators. While every effort is made to ensure the information contained in this brochure is correct, disclaims any liability in negligence or otherwise for any loss or damage which may occur as a result of reliance upon any of this material. All information is subject to change without notice.

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