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The Kilmorey Lodge and Aspen Village Inn are a "two thumbs up", all-star performance, therefore, we have certain standards we must maintain in order to meet the expectations of our stars. Please take pride in your appearance. The way you look has a direct bearing on guest satisfaction and their perception of our company. Looking and feeling good also instills confidence in you. Our performance policies have been created in order to provide the best service, product, and experience for our stars the guests.

We have a very conservative grooming policy, which excludes any visible tattoos, body piercing, unnatural hair tones, excessive makeup, jewellery or perfumes. Women are permitted one pair of small earrings to be worn on the earlobes.All other jewellery is to be minimal, simple, and not dangly. We ask that hair is clean and pulled back neatly in a conservative style. Men must have clean, neat hair. We ask that men are freshly shaven and any beards are kept neatly trimmed. Earrings are discouraged for men. While on the set all cast members are expected to wear their uniform. Uniforms should be clean and neatly pressed. 

We also expect all cast and crewmembers to perform to the best of their ability at all times whether on the stage or behind the scenes. This entails a positive attitude, respect for our stars, fellow cast members, and crewmembers, and the responsibility to perform your role in a manner, which represents yourself, and the production company in a positive light.

The Kilmorey Lodge and Aspen Village Inn are proud to offer our supporting actors various contract lengths including yearly, seasonal, and temporary. We are flexible with contract lengths in order to help you ensure that you are able to fulfill your contract. Therefore once a contract is signed we expect it to be completed.

If you would like to contact us or need more information or just to leave a friendly message, please e-mail us att

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