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At the Aspen Village Inn, Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort and the Crandell Mountain Lodge
Waterton Park Inns & Resorts
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A place unlike any other - Waterton Lakes National Park is a unique blend of unusual geology, mild climate, an abundance of wildlife, rare wild flowers and a rich human history. Native legends speak of the sacredness of this land and its inhabitants. Early explorers were touched by the magic of Waterton, and today we recognize and protect, for all time, this land where the Mountains meet the Prairie. Big Horn Sheep and Mule Deer amble down the streets while herds of elk gather on the prairie. Perfect for hiking, biking, trail riding and photography...just to mention a few! 

Waterton Park is located in the southwest corner of Alberta, right by the border of BC and Montana. It is about a 2.5 hour drive from Calgary. For more specific information please visit our Staff Handbook.

What is the Waterton Lakes Resort like?
Waterton Park's full service destination resort... let your spirit soar at the Waterton Lakes Resort! 80 rooms in unique chalets, scenic balconies, contemporary dining in Vimy's Lounge & Grill, an indoor pool, and a health center on site. A mountain atmosphere with an urban flare encompassing today's modern conveniences. The place to be!

What is the Crandell Mountain Lodge like?
The Crandell Mountain Lodge is a 17 room cozy country lodge ideal for travelers looking for a quaint experience. Rooms with fireplaces, country decor, and lots of character. Relax on our peaceful patio that is perfect for savouring the incredible mountain views and fresh air. With the feeling of a country bed and breakfast and the comfort of a lodge, relax and explore.

What is the Aspen Village Inn like?
Aspen Village Inn - Featuring 51 rooms and suites with cozy down duvets, spectacular views of the mountains, in-room coffee, playground, BBQ, picnic area and exceptional service. Only moments away from Waterton Lake, shopping, restaurants, the marina, the Waterton Golf Course and walking trails. The perfect home base for groups or independent travellers to explore the Park!

What can you expect as an employee?
An open, fun, and fair working environment, training opportunities, incentives, subsidized housing, meeting new people, and an experience that you will always remember! Please see Perks for more details.

What do we expect from our employees?
A fun, upbeat and energetic personality! To be respectful, punctual, responsible, and accountable, to appreciate the importance of quality and have a strong commitment to delivering quality products and services. We want all of our team members to have fun while in Waterton Park representing our company in a positive and professional manner. Please see Expectations for specific details.

Our Actors and Cast
YOU! The people are what make a production a success. The casting directors of the Waterton Park Inns & Resorts aim to hire the most qualified people we can. Every actor is a valuable part of our crew. Each role contributes to the skills and abilities of others: we are strongest as a team! Our goal is to educate and empower our cast to a build a strong and well functioning community. We strive to provide products and service of the highest quality and are proud of the reputation that our cast and production crew have!

Our Production Crew and Directors
Your managers, mentors, support leaders, and team of talent! Our goal is to give you the necessary skills to shine in your role and help you along the way. Please see our Staff Handbook for detailed profiles on Waterton Park, the Aspen Village Inn, the Waterton Lakes Resort, and the Crandell Mountain Lodge and living and working in the Rocky Mountains.

Our Stars
Our guest... the most important person in our business whom we are dependent on! The guest is your business and your living! The Waterton Park Inns & Resorts Group have worked hard to build a strong reputation therefore our stars expect only the best from us. At our properties you're sure to meet foreign travellers who will love to hear about the hikes all the locals enjoy and the best locations for wildlife photography! Our job is to make our stars shine...spoil them, please them, and keep them coming back for more.

Responsible for raising funds, hiring key personnel, and arranging for distribution. They do it all! Our company owners: Waymarker Hospitality.

Directors are responsible for the casting, editing, shot selection, shot composition, and script editing of a film. They are the creative source behind a movie, and must communicate to actors on the way a particular shot is to be played. The director will delegate some scenes to assistant directors or other crewmembers. Waterton Park Inns & Resorts general managers.

Assistant Directors
Assist the Directors and Producers in meeting common goals and work directly with the supporting actors and stars. Our assistant directors are our department managers.

Waterton Park Inns & Resorts is a "two thumbs up", all-star performance, therefore, we have certain standards we must maintain in order to meet the expectations of our stars. Please take pride in your appearance. The way you look has a direct bearing on guest satisfaction and their perception of our company. Looking and feeling good also instills confidence in you. Our performance policies have been created in order to provide the best service, product, and experience for our stars the guests.

We have a conservative grooming policy, which excludes any visible tattoos, body piercing, unnatural hair tones, or excessive makeup. Men must have clean, neat hair. We ask that men are freshly shaven and any beards are kept neatly trimmed. Earrings are discouraged for men. While on the set all cast members are expected to wear their uniform. Uniforms should be clean and neatly pressed.

We also expect all cast and crewmembers to perform to the best of their ability at all times whether on the stage or behind the scenes. This entails a positive attitude, respect for our stars, fellow cast members, and crewmembers, and the responsibility to perform your role in a manner, which represents yourself, and the production company in a positive light.

The Aspen Village Inn, Waterton Lakes Resort, and Crandell Mountain Lodge are proud to offer our supporting actors various contract lengths including yearly, seasonal, and temporary. We are flexible with contract lengths in order to help you ensure that you are able to fulfill your contract. Therefore once a contract is signed we expect it to be completed.


Cast Housing
We are happy to provide our actors (who live further than daily driving distance to Waterton Park) with subsidized apartment style staff housing that provides basic accommodation. It is intended to be inexpensive to the employee. It is provided at the rate of $8.50 to $13.00 per day depending on where you live. Due to the fact that the production company subsidizes housing, there are certain standards of respect to be followed by all residents and guests. These standards include maintaining a clean and smoke free environment, cleanliness, noise and guest control, etc.

Many enquiring actors often ask if there are apartments available for rent within the park. In reality, they are hard to come by and if you are planning on working in Waterton Park, you will most likely be in housing supplied by your production company. Please note however that if you have a vehicle there are sometimes opportunities to rent apartments and houses in the nearby communities.

The Perks
Waterton Park Inns & Resorts organize several cast and crew events each season. Typical events may include: Baseball, Basketball, and "Christmas in July". Cast events are a great way for people to get to know each other better outside of work and they also keep you busy while saving money.

Transportation (actor shuttle)
The properties have a van that is available to take actors to town to do banking, get groceries, etc. There are certain actors that are insured on the shuttle and when they are available to take the van to town, other cast members are encouraged to join them.

Staff Parking
Staff parking is available free of charge at all staff houses and at each property.

Whether you are here for summer fun, a change of scenery, specific career training and enhancement, a mountain experience, or a unique job opportunity Waterton Park Inns & Resorts proudly provides you with necessary skills to make our stars shine!

We take great pride in the training and growth opportunities that the company provides and we encourage our cast to take advantage of this and learn as much as possible during your time with us. It is rewarding for us to know that when you leave our set, you will have gained additional skills and have memories of the Aspen Village Inn, Waterton Lakes Resort, Crandell Mountain Lodge and Waterton Park that are positive and lifelong.

You may fax, email, or snail mail your resume to us.
Email: Human Resources Department
Fax: 403.297.0133
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Waymarker Hospitality
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Calgary, Alberta
T2Z 3V6

Please visit our Staff Handbook for detailed information on Waterton Park, the Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort, Crandell Mountain Lodge and the Aspen Village Inn and living and working in the Rocky Mountains!