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Staff Hand Book

Table of Contents


This handbook is intended to act as a reference guide and to answer frequently asked questions. It will also provide information about being a staff member of the Historic Kilmorey Lodge, the Aspen Village Inn and living in the beautiful park in which we are located, Waterton Lakes National Park.
The Kilmorey Lodge and the Aspen Village Inn are fun, friendly, and fast paced atmospheres in which to work. Being employed here provides an experience unlike any other; whether you are here for a summer or year round.

This handbook will help familiarize you with Muza Hotels, Waterton Park, and the surrounding area. It will also aid in your training and introduce you to the guidelines, policies, and requirements which we employ. It is through these that we are able to provide the high level of service which is a source of pride for our staff and a memorable experience to all of our guests.

Our goal is to promote an atmosphere of friendly professionalism and to exceed the expectations of our guests, fellow workers, and managers. 
It is important that employees and managers respect and support one another. There is no place for social, racial, economic, gender, sexual, religious or cultural prejudices in this business.

If an individual is experiencing difficulties in any area, whether on the job or as part of the social group, we hope that you will lead by reaching out and making that person feel comfortable, valued, and included. This small gesture will make your job easier and the group of people you are working with stronger.

As employers, we can provide encouragement, incentives and opportunities for continued growth in the industry. We are pleased to reward individuals who are highly self-motivated, take responsibility for their actions, are ready and willing learners, and are organized, productive and consistent in their work habits. Such qualities make our business better, and we are proud to encourage those who display them.

We sincerely hope that you will adopt this philosophy as a part of your belief system. It contributes to a valuable experience for both employees and our guests.


Upon arriving at the Kilmorey Lodge and the Aspen Village Inn you will be given a manual that will outline company policies and procedures. All policies are set in place for a reason and it is expected that all employees and managers abide by them. If you have any questions regarding a particular policy or procedure, please ask management.


#1 The Guest

The Kilmorey Lodge and Aspen Village Inn believe in the following operating values:


  • They are the purpose of our work
  • They are providing us with the opportunity to serve their needs
  • They are the mainstay of our business
  • They are flesh and blood human beings with feelings and emotions like our own
  • Like us, they have biases and prejudices but they must be respected
  • They are to be served courteously and respectfully



#2 Employees

Every employee is a valuable part of our team, regardless of position. Each part contributes to the skills and abilities of others: we are strongest as a team. Our goal is to educate and empower employees to build a strong, well functioning community.


Scholarships may be awarded to employees who have proven their desire to learn and improve. They may be given to those employees who are hard working and consistent in their jobs by taking initiative and always going above and beyond what is expected of them. The employee must be a valued member of the team as well as an individual who respects their teammates both at work and in staff housing. Every employee is expected to participate in the paid employee training to the best of their abilities and to take every advantage of this wonderful learning opportunity.


We are very proud of the standard of training that we deliver at the Kilmorey Lodge and the Aspen Village Inn. We bring in professional trainers to give you the best education possible and to increase your knowledge about the service and hospitality industry. We hope that with this instruction you will provide excellent service to your guests. The Kilmorey Lodge and the Aspen Village Inn provide Service Best, wine training, server intervention, and ATEC (Emerit) national standards as well as the opportunity to become nationally certified in every customer service department of the company. If there are any training seminars or industry courses that you are interested in attending, whether they relate directly to your department or not, please speak with a manager. 


A damage deposit of $125.00 will be taken for all employee housing. Deposits will be taken off of the first pay period. Our housing is limited to only a percentage of our staff and provides basic accommodation. It is intended to be inexpensive to the employee.


As this is subsidized housing and directly coincides with your employment at the Kilmorey Lodge or the Aspen Village Inn, the following must be adhered to:
1. Cleanliness and noise control are the responsibility of those sharing the premises.
2. Please contribute to keeping common areas clean.
3. Smoking is prohibited in all staff housing. Employees may smoke outside and must put cigarette butts in the appropriate receptacles.
4. Housing inspections will be done on a weekly basis to ensure the safety and hygiene of all housed employees.
5. Please show respect to fellow employees belongings and food. Possession of or consumption of such will be considered theft and will be dealt with accordingly.
6. If a staff party is planned at any of the housing units, management must be consulted and permission must be obtained. If the party is approved, it is you responsibility as an employee to make sure noise and conduct are acceptable.
7. Socializing within reason is allowed before 11:00 pm.. Unapproved parties or misconduct could result in a complaint from Parks Canada, Waterton residents or the RCMP and will result in disciplinary action. Employees should also respect the different shift times that other employees work and therefore respect the after 11:00 quiet time policy.
8. It is the responsibility of employees to provide their own toilet paper, tissue, soap, laundry soap, etc... You are also responsible for your own telephone and satellite bills should you choose to have a hook-up. Division of bills and payment collection is the responsibility of those residing in the accommodations.
9. The Aspen and Kilmorey laundry facilities are not to be used by staff. You may use the staff laundry facilities in staff housing with the permission of the residents or the public laundry located across from the Aspen Village Inn.
10. Please remember: you are representing the Kilmorey Lodge and the Aspen Village Inn within the community at all times.


1911 The original lease for building the Kilmorey Lodge was taken out by A. C. Kemmis on November 1, 1911. John George “Kootenai” Brown (Park Superintendent) gave his official approval for a building worth a minimum of $300.00.

1924 The Kilmorey Lodge was a well-established eight-room boarding house located on the edge of Emerald Bay. Even then it had a reputation for fine food and comfortable lodging.

1933 to 1934 A year of expansion for the Kilmorey Lodge. The addition incorporated the next-door building adding 16 rooms (to a total of 24), a large Dining Room facing the lake, and a second cozy fireplace in the new back library lobby.

1936 The upstairs attic was converted into comfortable staff accommodations. Today this space is used for storage and offices.

1952 Kirk and Jean Bell purchased the Lodge. That year they ordered a buffalo hide from Elk Island National Park for $25.00. For many years it was a showpiece on the floor of the front Lobby. 

1955 Private modern bathrooms are a convenience that many of us take for granted - it wasn’t until 1955 that bathrooms were added to our rooms. In fact, some of the rooms had shared bathrooms until 1983.

1962 The large lakeside dining room was removed and four bedrooms were added in its place. A new dining room was added to the back of the building. In the English ‘Bed and Breakfast’ tradition, a continental breakfast was featured in the breakfast room until 1973.

1970 The Casey family, Gordon, Lil, and their seven daughters became the owners and operators of the Kilmorey Lodge. Guests were treated to hospitality which included live piano music in the evenings.

1980 Renovations to the Kilmorey Lodge were started to withstand Southern Alberta winters. A cedar shake roof, insulation in the walls and storm windows were all added so as not to take away from the rustic, warm atmosphere the Lodge had become known for.

1987 - 2007 Leslie and Gerry Muza purchased the Lodge. Once again renovating and redecorating began. Great care was given to each room to ensure it would have it’s own character and style. With renovations also came a new power supply, a new water supply, a new sewage system, landscaping on the street side, additional parking across the street, a rebuilt kitchen with a walk in cooler\freezer, and cool room. The Ram’s Head Lounge and the Gazebo Cafe were also added. Rooms 25 through 28 on the main floor became two large barrier-free rooms. These rooms were designed to be easily accessible for anyone - particularly those with physical challenges.


1991 & 1992 - Alberta Restaurant & Foodservices Association Menu Award

1992 to Present - Alberta Best Property

1993 -Alberta Good Housekeeping Award 
-Alberta Business Award of Distinction for Tourism

1994 - Chinook Country Marketing Award 
- Alberta Tourism Education Council & Alberta Hotel Association Award of Achievement for Staff Training 
- Alberta Good Housekeeping Award

1995 -The Hugh Craig Award of Distinction for Contribution
to and Volunteerism in the Tourism Industry

1996 - The Jerry Potts Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Tourism Industry (Chinook Country Tourism Association)
- Alberta Restaurant & Foodservices Association Provincial Gold Menu Award 
- Alberta Restaurant & Foodservices Association Provincial Gold Award for Customer Testimonial
- Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Gold Menu Award

1997 - Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Gold Menu Award
- Alberta Good Housekeeping Award

1998 - Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Gold Menu Award
- Alberta Tourism Education Council & Alberta Hotel
Association Award for Excellence Through Training
- Alberta Good Housekeeping Award

1999 - Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Gold Menu Award

2000 - Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Gold Menu Award - Dinner
- Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Bronze Menu Award - Lunch
- Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Silver Menu Award - Breakfast
- Alberta Good Housekeeping Award

2001 - Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Gold Menu Award - Dinner
- Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Gold Menu Award - Lunch
- Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Gold Menu Award - Breakfast

2002 - Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Silver Menu Award - Dinner
- Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Gold Menu Award - Lunch
- Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Silver Menu Award - Breakfast 
- Alberta Restaurant & Foodservice Association Menu Award - Lunch

2003 - Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Gold Menu Award - Dinner
- Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Bronze Menu Award - Lunch
- Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Bronze Menu Award - Breakfast
- Alberta Restaurant & Foodservices Menu Award - Breakfast
- Alberta Restaurant & Foodservices Menu Award - Lounge

2004 - Alberta Good Housekeeping Award
- Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Bronze Menu Award - Dinner
- Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Bronze Menu Award - Lunch
- Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Bronze Menu Award - Breakfast
- Alberta Restaurant & Foodservices Menu Award - Lunch
- Alberta Restaurant & Foodservices Menu Award - Dinner

2005 - Alberta Good Housekeeping Award
- Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Silver Menu Award - Dinner
- Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Bronze Menu Award - Lunch
- Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Gold Menu Award - Breakfast
- Alberta Restaurant & Foodservices Menu Award - Lounge
- Alberta Restaurant & Foodservices Menu Award - Lunch

2006 -  Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Silver Menu Award - Dinner
- Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Bronze Menu Award - Lunch
- Alberta Hotel Association Provincial Gold Menu Award - Breakfast


This group of amazing, dedicated, multi-talented, skilled, and experienced group of people make up our management team. They all have very diversified and unique backgrounds including: directing industry association boards, opening restaurants, receiving industry degrees and diplomas at leading academic institutions, creating a successful and reputable company, world travel and international experience, and working as part of a brilliant team! 

With over 200 years of combined hospitality management experience this group of leaders is like no other! Each team member proudly brings his or her individual skills to the company and adds to the synergy of the company. These managers are members of the management team because they have the proven skills, abilities, and attitudes required for award winning organizations. They understand the ins and outs of the company and if you have any questions or concerns they are here for you! 

It is always interesting to see where people come from and why they do what they do. Read on and familiarize yourself with some of the Kilmorey Lodge and Aspen Village Inn faces. 


How would you describe our properties?

Charming Inns of Alberta

The Kilmorey Lodge is a member of this group of Inns. The Charming Inns of Alberta concept is the initiative of a group of Alberta innkeepers whose goal is to offer the finest in accommodation, to provide the utmost in hospitality and to promote the “Inn Experience” as the holiday choice in this province. Charming Inns are all independently owned inns, they are not a franchise. 

There is an information binder at the front desk of the Kilmorey Lodge that outlines each Charming Inn property and it lists the amenities and special features of each. If you are interested in learning more about each inn please speak with one of the front desk agents. 

The Kilmorey Lodge

  • Charming, historic lodge, country-inn atmosphere, boutique, romantic, unique
  • Outstanding, warm, friendly and professional service. The Kilmorey Lodge is a “Service Best” property with over 60% of staff nationally certified in one or more hospitality industry occupations
  • Located on Emerald Bay, many of the rooms face the lake, large yard area
  • Perfect for couples
  • Entire property is smoke free
  • Cozy rooms, tastefully decorated with antique furniture, down comforters
  • Each room is one-of-a-kind
  • Free of phones and televisions (no distractions!)
  • Award winning Lamp Post Dining Room, Rams Head Lounge, Gazebo Wine Garden, and library
  • Internet access
  • Open year-round
  • Gift shop

The Aspen Village Inn
  • 51 units comprised in two buildings and 19 cottages
  • Many rooms with fireplaces, down comforters, in-room coffee makers, televisions, and kitchenettes
  • Charming, alpine architecture (peaked roofs and stonework)
  • All staff participate in the “Service Best Training Program” and most are nationally certified in their occupation by the Alberta Tourism Education Council
  • AAA Three Diamond, Canada Select Three ½ Star Rating
  • 12 Alberta Housekeeping Awards
  • Ideal for tour groups and corporate retreats
  • Perfect for families
  • Lobby gift shop and library, whirlpool, outdoor BBQ’s, and picnic areas
  • Beautiful, immaculately cleaned rooms (repeated housekeeping awards)
  • Centrally located in the heart of the village, 1/2 block from the marina
  • Open May to October

Do I need to bring any special sort of clothing?

There is a staff party in July that is dressy, casual or semi-formal (whatever you feel most comfortable in) so it advisable to bring an outfit for this event. The other items of importance are comfortable footwear and a warm coat. There are numerous hiking and walking trails in the park so it is important to have good shoes or boots. Please also remember to bring the required garments for your uniform (pants, shoes, etc.)

Will my staff housing come with a telephone?

Telephones are not provided in staff housing. If you and your roommates decide that you would like a phone you can have one connected through Telus. Many people decide not to purchase a long distance plan in their name and opt to buy long distance phone cards which are available at the front desk of the Kilmorey Lodge. This often alleviates any last month billing confusions between roommates. Please note that it is the employee’s responsibility to gather money owing for phone bills from fellow staff members. The Kilmorey Lodge cannot deduct phone bill charges from paychecks. 

Will I have access to the Internet?

There is a guest computer at the Kilmorey Lodge that staff can have access to when it is not in use. There are also several local establishments that offer internet access (usually charged by the minute). Many people also choose to bring their own computers to Waterton and sign up for internet access with their phone company. Please note that dial up internet is the only type of connection available in Waterton Park (there is no highspeed internet of any sort). 

Does the staff housing come with dishes, pots/pans, cooking appliances etc?

The staff housing units that have kitchen facilities do come with basic kitchenware such as plates, cutlery, pots/pans, stove/oven, and microwave. 

What modes of transportation are there in the park

Everything in the town of Waterton Park is within walking distance. If you are thinking about traveling outside of the park, Greyhound bus lines has an office in the town of Pincher Creek which is about 30 minutes from Waterton Park. Please note that there is not a shuttle service that runs to Pincher Creek. If you need to take the bus it is likely that a staff member or manager will be able to give you a ride to Pincher Creek and there is also a taxi service in Pincher Creek that will pick you up in Waterton. There is not a car rental agency in Waterton Park but it is possible to rent a car in Pincher Creek at the Future Ford dealership if you are 25 years of age.

Will I have access to laundry facilities?

Many of the staff houses have laundry facilities. There is also a public laundromat located in the townsite across the street from the Aspen Village Inn. 

Where is the closest doctor and pharmacy?

There are walk-in doctors offices (and hospitals) in Pincher Creek and Cardston. There are also pharmacies in these towns, Pharmasave being the only chain drug store if you need to transfer a prescription. There is a small drug store in Waterton that sells non-prescription medications. 

“Of all the restaurants I’ve worked in, 
this is the most supportive”
- Former employee

“Nowhere else like Waterton Park. So many tourists come here to see it, but I get to live here”
- Former employee

What banks are located in the nearby towns? 

The following banks are in the area:

CIBC – Pincher Creek
RBC (Royal Bank) – Pincher Creek and Cardston
TD - Cardston
ATB Financial (Alberta Treasury Branch) - Pincher Creek and Cardston
Credit Union - Pincher Creek

Please also note that many employees commute to and from Pincher Creek daily so it is possible that they can put your cheque in the night deposit box of your bank. 

As you may have noticed there is not a Bank of Montreal in Pincher Creek or Cardston. The closest Bank of Montreal is located in Lethbridge, which is just over an hour’s drive from Waterton Park.

Is there a bank machine in the townsite?

There is an ATM machine at Pat’s Gas. Credit cards are also accepted at most establishments. 

Is there a grocery store in the townsite? 

There is a small food mart in the townsite (Rocky Mountain Food Mart) where you can purchase basic items. Pat’s Gas Station also has an array of food items, movie rentals, scooter, surrey, mountain bike rentals, and basically anything else you may need. 

“My wife and I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our stay at the Kilmorey Lodge during our vacation at the parks. The service was out of this world. Not even in the most expensive locations do you receive treatment like we did. The people we told could not believe it when we told them that during breakfast there was a young lady in the parking lot washing the windshields of the vehicles there. The dining room was elegant and the food was wonderful. What a selection. Everything from elk to ostrich. It was hard to make a decision. The room was beautiful with a great view of the lake and we got the best sleep of the entire vacation there. I know I bothered the front desk a lot with questions but they were always happy to help and even mailed a letter for me. Everyone there was so friendly and professional. You can be sure that the Kilmorey Lodge will be on our itinerary the next trip.”

Do I have to pay to enter the park or buy a pass?

Work passes will be given to you when you arrive at the Kilmorey Lodge. Please remember that you must display the passes on your windshield and every passenger in the car must have a valid pass to enter the park without charge. This means that if a group of staff members go to town for the day each person in the car must have their pass with them. If you forget to bring your pass you will have to pay the entry fee. You can get reimbursed the entry fee if you bring your valid pass to the Parks Administration office located beside the Hummel House. 

How do I get to Waterton Park from Calgary if I am traveling by car?

The quickest way is to head straight south out of Calgary on Highway #2 towards Fort Macleod. From Fort Macleod, head west on Highway 3 to Pincher Creek, and from there south on Highway 6 to Waterton Park. Waterton Park is approximately a 3-hour drive from Calgary. 

An alternative route from Calgary to Waterton Park is to go through Okotoks (south of Calgary on Highway 2), then from Okotoks head south on Highway #22 (for about 2 hours). You will then head east on Highway 3 to Pincher Creek, and from there south on Highway 6 to Waterton Park. This is a much more scenic route, since it follows the perimeter of the mountains. Make sure you fill up with gas though, it is quite a ways between gas stations!

Old Friends..
Dear Leslie and Gerry, 
I just wanted to thank you very much for everything. I had an excellent summer…. You two have the best outlook on management and the way you treat your staff is amazing. It’s so hard to be away from all your friends and family, but you make it so much more bearable. Thanx for all the advice and the great memories.
(Former Employee)

How do I get to Waterton Park if I am traveling by plane or bus?

You can take the Greyhound bus to Pincher Creek (please note that it is possible to get a shuttle bus from the Calgary airport to the bus station). Once you arrive in Pincher Creek it is possible to have a manager pick you up at the bus station and take you to Waterton Park. 

Is there a post office in Waterton? 
There is a Canada Post Office located in the townsite. If you are here only for the summer months you may have your mail sent to:

Box 100
c/o your name
Waterton Park, Alberta
Canada T0K 2M0

This is the mailing address for the Kilmorey Lodge and if you choose to get your mail sent to this address it will be delivered to the hotel and put in the staff mail box. If you are here year-round you may choose to open up a personal post office box. Please note that mail and packages within Canada can take from 2 days to 2 weeks to be sent to or sent from Waterton Park. There is no Fed-Ex service in the park, however. If you need to mail mass quantities of items it is often more economical to send packages through Greyhound. 

Are there any special staff activities and events?

The Kilmorey Lodge and Aspen Village Inn organize several staff events each season. Weekly events will also be organized for those that wish to join in. Typical events may include: painting contests, baseball, crib tournaments, glow in the dark Frisbee, pub-crawls, etc. If there is any special type of event that you would like to see happen please just let us know! Staff events are a great way for people to get to know each other better outside of work and they also keep you busy while saving money. 

What do most people do on their days off?

Really….what isn’t there to do? Waterton Park is full of numerous activities such as hiking, walking, canoeing, golfing, horseback riding, rafting (outside of the park), photography…the list is endless in regards to outdoor opportunities. Keep in mind that the lake is large and quite cold, there are some “beaches” where you can find swimming holes with warmer temperatures. 

If you are not interested in the outdoorsy and adventurous things there are plenty of patios and small shops to be enjoyed. There are tons of people to spend your time with. You will be working with and meeting people from across Canada! There is also a small book store in the townsite as well as comfortable coffee shops and lounges. 

The night scene is alive and thriving! There is a town bar that has specials most nights of the week as do many of the town restaurants and lounges. During the week it is typical to have karaoke nights, staff nights, and on the weekends there is a DJ. Many people choose to have gatherings in the outdoors by a bonfire or go camping. There is definitely something for everyone.

“Christmas in July is fun”
-Jane, employee

“Waterton Lake midnight baptisms...”
- Anonymous employee

“The view from the top of the mountain is the best”
- Former employee


A place like no other - Waterton Lakes National Park is a unique blend of unusual geology, mild climate, an abundance of wildlife, rare wild flowers and a rich human history. Native legends speak of the sacredness of this land and its inhabitants. Early explorers were touched by the magic of Waterton, and today we recognize and protect, for all time, this land where the mountains meet the prairie.

In the late summer of 1858, British Lieutenant Thomas Blakiston was the first European explorer to experience what is now Waterton Lakes National Park. Impressed with the area, Blakiston named the lakes in honour of Charles Waterton, a British naturalist.

Another well-known character of the area is John George “Kootenai” Brown. A legend himself, he became Waterton Park’s first European settler in 1877. In 1893, inspired by Kootenai Brown, Rancher Fredrick W. Godsal wrote to the government. Taking the letter to heart, the Canadian Federal Government established Waterton Lakes (then called Kootenay Lakes) Forest Reserve in 1895. The designated area was 140 sq. km (54 sq. miles). Over time Waterton Park’s size has varied considerably and is now 525 sq. km (203 sq. miles) but it is still the smallest national park in the Canadian Rockies.

In 1911 Waterton officially became the fourth national park in Canada. 

Through the energetic efforts of the Rotary Clubs of Alberta and Montana, Waterton and Glacier National Parks were joined to form the world’s first International Peace Park in 1932. It was declared the second Canadian International Biosphere Reserve in 1979 and in 1995, the United Nations declared Waterton Lakes National Park a World Heritage Site.


From Waterton Park you are in a prime area to visit a number of attractions. If there is a particular place that you are interested in visiting and you do not have a vehicle please let us know and we will try our best to organize a small outing. The following is a short list of just some of the fascinating things to do in the area: 

The Remington Carriage Centre 
Located in Cardston, Alberta, this is one of the largest collections of horsedrawn vehicles in North America with over 200 carriages, wagons and sleighs. This Centre also features a working restoration shop, gift shop and an active horse demonstration with summer carriage rides and exhibitions. Open daily, and year-round. Please call (403)653-5139 for more information.

The Frank Slide Interpretive Centre
Located in the Crowsnest Pass, this facility documents the catastrophic landside which buried the town of Frank in 1903. The Interpretive Centre also tells about the railway, underground coal mining and community life. While in the Crowsnest Pass you may also want to visit the nearby Leitch Colleries, the Crowsnest Museum, as well as the Bellvue Underground Mine. Please call (403)562-7388 for more information.

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this centre is located just north of Fort Macleod on Highway #2. This is a very well preserved site where the plains people, for more than 10,000 years, stampeded buffalo over a cliff. The interpretive centre documents the buffalo hunting culture of the plains people from ancient times to the arrival of the Europeans. For more information please call (403)553-2731

Glacier Park 
Glacier Park is only an hour’s drive through the Chief Mountain US/ Canada border crossing. (Open mid-May through the end of October.) There is no doubt that traversing the Going-To-The-Sun Highway in Glacier is a very memorable experience! This is a truly amazing day trip to make and it is well worth the drive. While in Montana be sure to go to Hungry Horse where you can visit the House of Mystery (favourite staff pick). There is an old house that has an unexplainable force and all of the rules of gravity do not apply. If you are in the mood for watching marbles roll up the walls, this is the place for you. 


Between Waterton Lakes National Park and Glacier Park to the south, there are over 1400 km (850 miles) of maintained world class hiking trails. This is some of the most spectacular hiking in the Rockies!

Canadian Wilderness Tours (CWT) are the local interpretive and guiding experts. They offer programs including interpretive village strolls, guided fishing experiences, step-aboard narrating services (in your private vehicle) as well as guided hiking programs on the above-mentioned trails plus much more! CWT offers top-quality services at very affordable prices. Included in all CWT programs is information on bird watching, flower identification, incredible edibles, local culture and history, fascinating geology, tales of resident ghosts, etc... CWT programs may be arranged through the Kilmorey Lodge or the Aspen Village Inn.

Waterton Park also has 3 main trails specially designated for mountain biking. All trails are over20 km round trip, and can be combined with spectacular hiking for an incredible experience. Mountain bike rentals are available at “Pat’s Gas”, located in the Village of Waterton and there are also staff bikes that are free to use. To sign out a staff bike please see the front desk staff at the Kilmorey Lodge.

Shoreline Boat Cruise runs from mid-May through late September. The cruising time is approximately 2 1/2 hours and this historic trip passes through a series of deep scenic bays, past sheer vertical mountains and beautiful wilderness surroundings. It travels across the border to Goat Haunt Ranger Station in the United States. The boat does make photographic stops and it is not unusual to catch a glimpse of wildlife along the shore. Special rates for the Crypt Trail Hike may apply. If you wish, you may contact the marina ticket office for schedules at (403) 859-2362.

There are several short scenic drives within the park. The Red Rock Canyon Road is a winding mountain trail, which passes by grizzly and black bear habitat and leads to a mountain canyon where you often see big horn sheep. The drive is about 16km each way and is definitely worth it. At the end of the road you will find great walking trails and it is also fun to explore in and around the canyon.

The Akamina Parkway leads to Cameron Lake, a glacier formed alpine lake where there are paddleboats and canoes available for rental. Also a great 16km drive to take! There are tons of wildflowers along the road side and there are many great picnic spots along the river. 

There are several small shops in town and it is very easy to spend an afternoon browsing. There is also a small movie theatre in town and a couple of lounges, and a bar.

Alpine Stables is located in Waterton Park and their phone number is (403) 859-2462. They do not do a “free range” ride but the scenery is very impressive. You may also want to try Mountain Meadow Trail Rides, located just outside the park. They promise a real western wilderness adventure and it is a working ranch. The phone number there is (403) 653-2413. 

“Thank you for cleaning my windshield in the mornings!”

“I have eaten at some of the finest restaurants in Alberta.
This is now my favourite!! Super good food and 
super good service.”

What is the Waterton Golf Course like? 

Waterton Lakes Golf Course is an original Stanley Thompson design with the first 9 holes constructed in 1929 and the second 9 holes constructed approximately 10 years later. It is presently an 18-hole facility. The Waterton Lakes Golf Course enjoys a spectacular setting with panoramic views of Waterton Lakes and the surrounding mountain peaks.

Improvements over the past few seasons have been impressive. The greens and fairways have rarely been in such good shape. New sand has been placed in most traps. Yardage markers at 100, 150 and 200 yards have speeded play. A new fleet of golf carts and greens keeping equipment have also been added. The staff on the course, in the pro shop and in the restaurant provide a friendly and courteous environment. Monthly mixed scrambles are a popular feature in the summers.

The Waterton Lakes Golf Course is a 5-minute drive from the townsite. This challenging 18-hole course is open from May - October. 

When are the Going-To-The-Sun Highway and the Chief Mountain Border Crossing open?

The Going-To-The-Sun highway generally opens around the middle of May or June. This opening is highly weather dependent. As such, the opening date is subject to change.

Chief Mountain Border Crossing open May 15, 9am to 6pm. 
Starting June 1 summer hours will be 7am to 10pm.

Can you tell me about the hiking trails in Waterton?

Between Waterton Lakes National Park and Glacier Park to the south, there are over 1400 km (850 miles) of maintained world class hiking trails. This is some of the most spectacular hiking in the Rockies!

Depending on the weather, most of the trails start opening in early June, although there is usually still snow at the higher elevations. Most years you can still hike well into the fall (October), again, depending on the weather. 

Just to mention a few great trails in Waterton:

Bear’s Hump
This short but steep climb leads to a spectacular view of the townsite and Waterton valley. Moderate/difficult. 1 hour round trip.

Bertha Lake
The woodland walk to picturesque Lower Bertha Falls makes a perfect half-day hike with a picnic. The trail has excellent views of Upper Waterton Lake and a fantastic wildflower show. Along the way, you will pass the long cascade of Upper Bertha Falls. Easy/moderate. 4 hours round-trip.

Spectacular trail with superb high mountain views. Highlights included passing through old growth forests, the incredible view from Summit Ridge (especially looking south into Glacier Park), the ribbon waterfall from Lower Carthew Lakes, and the serene turquoise waters of Alderson Lake (pretty good fishing too!). Hike is moderate. 7 hours.

Crypt Lake 
This is a very unique and popular trail. The trailhead is accessed by water taxi only. The trail passes through a natural tunnel as well as past several waterfalls. Crypt is a beautiful lake backed by a massive headwall. The lake has large Cutthroat trout. Alpine flowers in the Crypt Basin include the rare pygmy poppy (Canada’s only sighting!). The Crypt Lake trail was rated as one of the best hikes in Canada by a national outdoor magazine. 7 hours. 

What is the elevation here?

The townsite sits at 1280m (4200ft) above sea level and the park’s highest peak, Mt. Blackiston, is 2940m (9645 ft.) above sea level. The mountain is, itself, approximately 1490m (4900ft) tall.

How big is the lake?

  • The four lakes (Upper, Middle, Lower (Knight’s) and Maskinonge) account for approximately two thirds of the park’s surface water.
  • Upper Waterton Lake is the deepest lake in the Canadian Rockies and Alberta. Maximum depth is 148m (487ft.); length is 11 km (6.9miles); width (at its widest) is 0.8km (1/2 mile).
  • Middle Waterton Lake is 3.8km (2.4miles) long, 1.33km wide, 27.4m (90ft) deep.
  • Knight’s Lake is 2.2 km (1.4miles) long, 1 km (0.6miles) wide, 7.3m (24 feet) deep
What is the weather normally like during the Spring and Summer?

Mountain weather is very unpredictable and anything is possible. There are times when we have snow in May or June and there are also other times when it is 15 degrees Celsius in February! The summer is normally warm with average temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius and above. It is wise to bring an array of clothing that will keep you comfortable in all weather conditions. 

What is a Chinook Wind?

“ A strong wind that becomes warm and very dry while rapidly descending the lee side of mountain slopes. The wind turbulence is similar to the action river water makes when it hits a rock. As the air flows down, waves are created. The high crest of the wave creates a distinctive cloud band parallel to the mountains called a chinook arch.”

“Chinook winds blow more often in Waterton than most places in Alberta, and these warming winds help make the park one of the warmest areas in Alberta in winter. When a chinook blows in, temperatures can rise dramatically and snow seems to disappear in front of your eyes. In Blackfoot, chinook means “snow-eater.” The park’s climate is influenced by two opposing systems - the Arctic Continental (cold, dry) and the prevailing Pacific Maritime (warm, moist). The more influential Pacific system gives Waterton Lakes high precipitation and frequent chinook winds.”


Pincher Creek
Located 30 minutes from Waterton, Pincher Creek is a town with a 
population of about 4000 people. It serves all your basic needs with a grocery store, doctor’s office, hospital, a selection of banks and movie rental stores. You can also find several restaurants as well as local bars to visit. When entering Picher Creek, take a left at the first set of lights that will take you to Main St., from there you can find most of Pincher Creek’s amenities.

Cardston is also located approximately 30 minutes from Waterton and is a town famous for the Mormon Temple, built by Mormon pioneers in 1887. Cardston also has all the basic amenities of a small town, with grocery stores, hospital, banks and several restaurants. One important note is that Cardston is a “dry” town, meaning that there is absolutely no liquor sold there. Once you arrive in Cardston, drive until you hit the first set of lights, from there, take a right on to Main St, where you will find all you need.

Lethbridge is Waterton’s closest major city. With a population of 73,000, Lethbridge has all a city can offer. There are many grocery stores to choose from as well as a selection of doctor’s offices, fast food joints, two malls, a Costco, Wal-Mart and Chapters. Lethbridge also has many nice restaurants and nightclubs to enjoy. Lethbridge is roughly 1 hour and 10 minutes from Waterton Park and promises a lovely drive. Take HWY #5 to Cardston and follow it all the way to Lethbridge. You will automatically come in on a major road (Mayor McGrath Dr.). You may also find many stores and restaurants as well as the mall on 3rd Ave (a left off Mayor McGrath Dr.).

City/Town Kilometers Driving Time
Banff 471km 4 h 30 min
Bar U Ranch 176km 1 h 40 min
Calgary 264km 2 h 40 min
Cardston 45km 30 min
Chief Mountain/US Border 24km 15 min
Coutts / US Border 230km 2 h 25 min
Crowsnest Pass 66km 40 min
Dinosaur Provincial Park 240km 2 h 30 min
Drumhellar 416km 3 h 30 min
Edmonton 563km 6 h
Fort Macleod 105 1 h
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump 120 45 min
Lethbridge 130 1 h 15 min
Medicine Hat 292 3 h
Pincher Creek 45 30min
Writing-On-Stone 244 2 h 20 min

Area Map around Waterton Lakes National Park

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  Map of the Waterton Lakes National Park Area

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