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Waterton Lakes National Park... a rare gem tucked into the southwestern corner of Alberta, Canada. Together with Glacier National Park in Montana, this area is known as Waterton - Glacier International Peace Park. Browse through our Picture Gallery and enjoy the mellow nature of this beautiful region.
Emerald Bay, noted for its brilliant turquoise color, is a picturesque location near the edge of town. Scenic emerald bay in Waterton Park.

Cameron Falls in the Waterton townsite expose some of the oldest rock in the Canadian Rockies. The Cameron Falls is the site of Precambrian bedrock dating 1500 million years old.

Red Rock Canyon is known for its striking red and green colored layers of rock, a brilliant contrast to the lush surroundings. Redrock Canyon, located in Waterton Park, Alberta.

The mountains rise suddenly out of the rolling prairies in Waterton Lakes National Park. In this breathtaking part of the world, the majestic Rocky Mountains rise suddenly out of the rolling prairies.

Back country travel is always an incredible experience with 183 km of well maintained trails. THIS PAGE ALSO HAS TRAIL INFORMATION! Waterton Park offers a variety of hiking experiences for the beginner or seasoned outdoors enthusiast.

Crypt Lake Trail info. One of Canada's top rated hikes.

Back Country Biking

Peaks, Valleys and Lakes
Crandell Mountain Peak
   Carthew Mountain Peak  Mount Galway Window
Mount Galway Peak  Mount Galway Ridge  Forum Lake  Forum Ridge  Mount Boswell  Wall Lake


Waterton Lakes is an ideal location for boating.
Waterton Lakes National Park flourishes with water activities and FUN!!

Waterton Lakes National Park contains a wide variety of plants and wildflowers, not to mention over 250 species of birds. Waterton Park has a huge variety of plants and animals for you to see!

A short 16 km drive from the Waterton townsite lies Cameron Lake, an ideal location for a canoe ride.
Nestled between the majestic peaks of the Akamina ridge is Cameron Lake.

The largest Trout ever caught in Waterton Park, weighed in at over 24 kg. That's 51 pounds!! THIS PAGE ALSO HAS FISHING INFORMATION! Waterton Lakes National Parks boasts 24 species of fish. The perfect place for a fishing getaway!


Waterton Lakes National Park has many winter activities to choose from. Skiing, skating, and ice climbing to name a few. Waterton is beautiful and peaceful in the winter. Click here for more information on things to do in Waterton in the winter.

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