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Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada Fishing on Cameron Lake. Waterton Park boasts 24 species of fish!
Incredible Fishing Experiences are easily fulfilled in Waterton Park. A variety of fish flourish here, including Rainbow, Cutthroat, Bull, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Lake and Mountain Whitefish, as well as rare species of Deepwater Sculpin and Pygmy Whitefish.
The largest fish ever caught was a Lake Trout weighing in at over 24kg!! (51 lbs.) The fish was played, gaffed and landed in a boat by a local woman, Mrs. Cal Hunter.

Fishing Permits:
Parks Canada fishing permits are available at Park headquarters, visitor centre, campground kiosks and from tackle shops. Please see Park Fees for prices.
If you are under 16 years of age you can purchase your own permit for a full catch limit of your own or share with another permit holder and include your catch in their limit.
Waterton Lakes National Park is one of a number of agencies involved in the recovery efforts for bull trout, a large, aggressive native char. It is for this reason bait bans and some closures are in effect for part of or all of the year.

Open Seasons:

May 17 to September 1
Akamina Lakes, Cameron Lake and Creek, Crandell Lake, Waterton Lakes (Upper and Middle).

July 1 to November 2
All other waters except closed waters.

Special Restrictions
Motor boats allowed on Middle and Upper Waterton Lakes only.

Closed Waters - Year Round
Sofa Creek, Dungarvan Creek, Maskinonge Lake & Inlet. Blakiston/Bauerman Creeks and their tributaries. North Fork Belly River and its tributaries.

Canada National Parks Act General Fishing Regulations
When angling, it is unlawful to:
- Fish without a national park fishing permit.
- Fish with or posses within 100 meters of part waters the following:
- natural bait and chemical attractants
- any lead tackle (sinkers, jigs, lures and flies) under 50 grams;
- lures with more than 2 gang hooks;
- a line capable of catching more than one fish at one time.
- Fish with more than one line at a time.
- Fish closed waters.
- Leave a fishing line unattended.
- Fish from 2 hours after sunset to one hour before sunrise.
- Allow your catch to spoil or to be wasted.
- Sell, trade or barter any fish caught.
- Place live fish or fish eggs in any park water or transfer them between bodies of water inside (or outside) the park.
- Place any food for fish in park waters.

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