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Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada

Photograph of the Carthew Lakes, one of many picturesque hiking experiences in Waterton Lakes National Park.
Back country travel can be an incredible experience whether on bicycle, horseback or foot. Waterton Park boasts world class hiking with incredible scenery and many opportunities to view wildlife. Venture out on your own, or hire an interpretive nature guide for an unforgettable experience! There are 255 km (191 miles) of trails in Waterton Lakes National Park. They range in difficulty from a short strolls to steep treks of several days duration, and a variety of users, including hikers, horse riders and bicyclists. Trails in Waterton also lead to extensive trail systems in Montana's Glacier National Park and in British Columbia's Akamina-Kishenina Provincial Park.
Trail Trailhead Distance (one way) Time (one way) Elevation Gain
Town site Town Loop 3.2km
(2 mi)
1 hour minimal
Emerald Bay loop Town site 2 km
(1.2 mi)
45 min. minimal
Linnet Lake Across Gov't. Compound 1 km
(.6 mi)
30 min. minimal
Cameron Lakeshore Cameron Lake 1.6 km
(1 mi.)
30 min. minimal
Akamina Lake Cameron Lake 0.5 km
(0.3 mi.)
15 min. minimal
Red Rock Canyon Red Rock Canyon 0.7 km
(0.4 mi.)
20 min. minimal
Blakiston Falls Red Rock Canyon 1 km
(0.6 mi.)
30 min. minimal
Moderately Easy Lower Bertha Falls Town site 2.8 km
(1.8 mi)
45 min. 150 m. (429')
Crandell Lake From Red Rock Parkway 2 km
(1.2 mi)
1 hr. 100 m. (328')
Crandell Lake From Akamina Parkway 1.2 km
(0.7 mi.)
45 min. 100 m. (328')
Wall Lake, B.C. Akamina Parkway 4.5 km
(2.7 mi.)
2 hr. 165 m. (512')
Moderately Difficult Bear's Hump Visitors Center 1.4 km
(0.9 mi.)
40 min. 200 m. (656')
Goat Lake Red Rock Canyon 6.3 km
(3.5 mi.)
2 hr 400 m. (1312')
Crypt Lake
Crypt Lake Trail
Crypt Landing 8.6 km
3-4 hr. 700 m. (2296")
Alderson Falls
Cameron Lake
19 km
(12 mi.)
6-8 hr 600 m. (1968')
Wishbone (to Lower Lake) Chief Mountain Highway 10.5 km
(6.2 mi.)
2-3 hr. minimal
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Crandell Mountain Peak
Carthew Mountain Peak  
Mount Galway Window
Mount Galway Peak in the valley bottom, see the roads to Crandall Campground
Mount Galway Ridge
Forum Lake
Forum Ridge
Mount Boswell
Wall Lake


  • Check trail heads for designated uses.

  • Stay on designated trails. Shortcuts can be dangerous and may increase erosion.

  • Walk, ride and cycle in single file to lessen trail widening, erosion or braiding.

  • Hikers should move to the side of the trail when approaching horses. 
    ---------------  Allow horses to pass. ------------------

  • Cyclists - travel slowly and carefully. Allow wildlife to move off the trail before passing. Signal your approach well in advance when passing hikers and indicate the side you intend to pass on. Pass slowly and with care. Dismount if approaching a horse and stand on the downhill side when possible.

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