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Waterton Lakes National Park

Tasty Kilmorey Lodge Saskatoon Berry Jam. GOOOOOD JAM.

The Saskatoon Berry
The berry-like fruits are about 1 cm. (approx. 1/2 in.) in diameter and when mature turn dark purple in colour, and are high in Iron and Copper. The seeds give the berries an almond-like flavour. The plant grows as a shrub or small tree, and is quite at home here in Southern Alberta! Blooming from May to June, the fragrant white flowers are often so abundant they make the parent plant appear frost or snow covered. In the fall their leaves turn crimson, adorning our Mountain sides with their patch work of colour.
Saskatoon Berries were considered one of the most important foods by indigenous cultures. The Blackfoot used the fresh berries in soups, stews, and pemmican. The berries were also used to make dyes and remedies for stomach aches and liver problems. Dried berries were a very important winter staple and trade item.
Today, at the Kilmorey Lodge, the delicious berries are used for making excellent pies and world renowned preserves. In the Park, the fruits are relished by a host of Birds, Bears, Chipmunks and Squirrels. We like to leave the berries for the "Critters", so the Saskatoon Berries used here at the Lodge are picked in Alberta outside the National Parks. This product is manufactured entirely in Waterton Lakes National Park, by the staff of the Kilmorey Lodge.

Saskatoon Berries, Sugar, Pectin, Lemon Juice, Water, Love and Care.
Each Jar contains 250ml. (8 oz.)
The Cost is $5.95  CANADIAN FUNDS (Price includes tax and the credit card companies automatically make adjustment for currency exchange)
  There is no handling charge, however shipping is extra.
We take the major credit cards and checks.

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