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Soups and Salads...

Soupes Du Jour

Delicious soups made daily in our kitchen from the finest ingredients.You may choose from a rich creamy soup or a traditional hearty broth.

Baked French Onion Soup

Our old world Quebec recipe uses sweet white onions simmered in consommi and enriched with red wine. Finished in the oven with croutons and sizzling emmental cheese.

Caesar Salad Roma

Crisp romaine lettuce, tossed with our caesar dressing, garnished with parmesan cheese and herb spiced croutons.
Small $6.95 Large $8.95
Add our cajun spiced, charbroiled chicken breast
Small $1.75 Large $3.00

Make it a combo!

Just what you need for an afternoon in the mountains! 
A bowl of one of our savoury soupes du jour and a small crisp salad accompanied by a warm piece of garlic bread.

Feature Salad

Each day our talented chefs feature a different signature salad created from the freshest ingredients in our kitchen. Your server will be happy to tell you about the salad we are featuring today!

Something Grilled...

Kilmorey Burger

Kilmorey made beef patty or an Alberta boneless, skinless chicken breast. Loaded with cheddar cheese, bacon, sweet red onion, lettuce, pickles and tomato.
Six ounce beef $9.95 Six ounce chicken $10.75
Did we mention all the beef burgers also come with mayonnaise, mustard and sweet relish?

Deluxe Open Faced Burgers

Our delicious Kilmorey beef patties or chicken breast.
 Piled high with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and your choice of toppings listed below.
Six ounce beef $10.25 Six ounce chicken $10.95

Vegetarian Burger

Meat lovers like it too!
Lettuce, tomato, red onions, mayonnaise, relish, mustard and a
 blend of jack and cheddar cheese compliment this delicious garden patty. 
Four ounce $8.95

The above items are served with your choice of 
tortilla chips, rough cut fries, tossed field greens or a soupe du jour.

Something Warm...

Chicken and Pepper Wrap
Red onion, sautied sweet peppers, lettuce and tender charbroiled chicken are lightly seasoned and combined in your choice of a sun-dried tomato or whole wheat tortilla. Accompanied by a delicious mango chutney for dipping and tossed field greens.

Vegetarian Wrap

This taste bud tantalizer features sliced roasted red peppers and charbroiled portabello mushrooms with feta cheese and fresh spinach. Tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette reduction and wrapped up in your choice of a sun-dried tomato or whole wheat tortilla.

Vegetarian Triple Decker

Beginning with a slice of toast topped by sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. 
Add another slice of toast topped with a pepper medley, red onions and feta cheese tossed in Mediterranean dressing crowned with alfalfa sprouts. All capped with a final slice of toast.

Multigrain Triple Decker

Freshly roasted turkey, slices of back bacon, cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato layered on toasted multigrain bread.

The above items are served with your choice of 
tortilla chips, rough cut fries, tossed field greens or a soupe du jour.

Something Special...

Barbequed Beef Dip

Heaps of thin sliced Alberta beef slowly simmered in Kilmoreys own southern Alberta barbeque sauce. 
Stacked on a fresh Vienna loaf with extra sauce for dipping. You will need an extra napkin for this!

Sweet 'n'Sour Cod

Lightly battered medallions of cod and seasonal fruit in a sea of sweet and sour sauce surrounding an island of Kilmorey rice.

Curried Chicken

An alluring mild to medium coconut milk fruit curry sauce with sliced chicken breast and a medley of bell peppers and onions. Served on a bed of rice, accompanied by grilled Greek flat bread.

Stroganov Spaetzle

Our Kilmorey made spaetzle is sautied in garlic butter and topped with strips of tender Alberta beef. Complemented with a dill pickle, onion and mushroom red wine sauce. Finished with a dollop of sour cream.

Something More!

Black Bean Stew

Meat eaters will also enjoy this vegan dish. Button mushrooms, turtle black beans, kidney beans, diced eggplant, zucchini, onion, garlic, cumin and tomatoes are gently simmered into a savoury stew. 
Served with chefs rice and grilled Greek flat bread.

Wild Game Chili

A tempting combination of ground elk, bison, caribou and fallow deer. Combined with kidney beans, chili spices and assorted root vegetables. Accompanied by a fresh tossed salad and grilled Greek flat bread.

Lasagna avec Ligumes

This unique vegetarian dish features roasted pinenuts, cottage cheese, sliced zucchini and eggplant all laced with jack, cheddar and parmesan cheese. Layered with tomato sauce and lasagna noodles. Served with garlic bread.

Four Cheese Meat Lasagna 

Cheddar, jack, parmesan and cottage cheese layered with a rich tomato meat sauce
 and lasagna noodles. Accompanied by garlic toast and fresh field greens.

Chicken Fingers

Tender strips of breaded chicken breast cooked to perfection, served with a tangy plum sauce for dipping and rough cut fries.

Deep Dish Apple Betty

Layers of apples and cinnamon in a sweet crumb crust baked in our oven,
served warm with vanilla ice cream.

Pecan Brownie

A delightful dessert for two!
Hot fudge smothers this decadent pecan brownie and vanilla ice cream finished with whipped cream and crushed pecans.

New York Cheese Cake

Thick, creamy , baked cheese cake available with your choice of saskatoon berry, raspberry, strawberry or rich chocolate toppings. Completed with whipped cream.

Simply Elegant

For the calorie counters.
Frozen cran-raspberry yogurt crowned with seasonal fresh fruit for a light refreshing dessert.

Kilmorey Saskatoon Berry Pie
A Kilmorey Lodge tradition.
Individual saskatoon berry pies baked daily in our kitchen. 
Served hot and enhanced with a saskatoon berry sauce.
$5.95 a la mode $6.95

Ice Cream Sundaes

Two stupendous scoops of ice cream layered with our Kilmorey-made saskatoon, strawberry or raspberry sauce . . . or keep it traditional with a sweet chocolate syrup. 

Some menu items may change. Please let us know what your favorite dishes are.
Please note all prices are in Canadian dollars.

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