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Wine Menu Sampler

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Please Note our wine menu, for the most, part is listed by grape variety. 

Canadian Premium
Wine Selection

We cordially invite you to come and explore the exciting wine regions of Canada. The majority of Canadian wines are produced  in two geographical areas - the Niagara region of  Ontario and the Okanagan region of British Columbia.  In the spirit of bringing the best of our vast country to you, these fine and exquisite wines have been carefully selected from amongst Canada's most  prestigious wineries. The Kilmorey Lodge is proud  to present one of the largest Canadian VQA  wine selections for a restaurant in Alberta.

Canadian Pride Selections 
These two wines are uniquely Canadian
by the glass, 1/2 Litre or Bottle

Calona * B.C. Sovereign Opal (2) 
Henry of Pelham * Ontario Baco Noir (1)

Canadian Estate Winery Selections 
by the glass, 1/2 Litre or Bottle

Tinhorn Creek * B.C. Chardonnay (1) 
Henry of Pelham * Ontario Sauvignon Blanc (1) 
Quail's Gate Vineyards * B.C. Chenin Blanc (1)
Vineland Estates * Ontario Riesling Semi-Dry (2) 
Pelee Island * Ontario Gewurztraminer (3)
Sumac Ridge * B.C. Black Sage Cabernet Sauvignon(1) 
Henry of Pelham * Ontario Meritage (1)
Pelee Island * Ontario Zwiegelt Gamay Noir (1) 
Gray Monk * B.C. Pinot Noir (1) 
Red Rooster * B.C.  Merlot (1)
Vineland Estates * Ontario Cabernet Franc 

Canadian Ice Wine 
by the glass, 1/2 Litre or Bottle

Inniskillin * Ontario Vidal (19)
Mt. Boucherie * B.C. Merlot (18)
Pillitteri Vineyards * Ontario Riesling (17) 
Rief Estate * Ontario Late Harvest Vidal (5) 

Imported Selections 
also available by the Glass, 1/2 Litre or Bottle

Australian White - Stickleback Semillion Chardonnay
Australian Red  - Stickleback Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon
Chilean White Osadia by Concha y Toro - Chardonnay (1)
Chilean Red Osadia by Concha y Toro - Merlot (1) 

Sumac Ridge * B.C. - Steller Jay Brut (1) 
Freixenet * Spain  - Cordon Negro (1)

De-Alcoholized Wine

Sutter Home * U.S.A. - Fri Chardonnay (1) 
Sutter Home * U.S.A. - Fri Red (1) 
Sutter Home * U.S.A. - Fri Champagne (1) 

These grapes are cultivated in organically managed vineyards, free of artificial pesticides, fertilizers and insecticides. Perfect for wine drinkers with a sulfite sensitivity.

Carmen Nativa Cabernet Sauvignon * Chile
Carmen Nativa Chardonnay * Chile

A delightful sipping wine on its own or with various desserts due to light orchard fruit flavours  such as strawberry and raspberry. These rich wines are also known as rosi and are typically produced  with free run juices from red grapes.

Sumac Ridge Okanagan * B.C.
Jackson Triggs White Merlot * B.C.

Beringer White Zinfandel * U.S.A.

White Wine Selection

Ideal accompanying salads with strong flavoured 
dressing, this simple white wine displays high acidity 
and low fruit. Although often mistaken as Pinot Gris, 
Auxerrois is a variety all its own. 

Gehringer Brothers * B.C.


Due to this grape's range of characteristics of vanilla, 
smoke, spice, nut and oak it is recommended with seafood, 
pork and poultry dishes in complex sauces. This is most 
popular white grape in the world, originally from France.

Gray Monk * B.C.
Jackson Triggs * B.C.  
Mission Hill * B.C. 
Mission Hill Grand Reserve * B.C.
Quails Gate Limited Release * B.C. 
Kettle Valley * B.C. 
Tinhorn Creek * B.C. 

Rodney Strong * U.S.A.
Chablis Les Duex Rives Par Mason Olivier Leflaive * France
Wolf Blass * Australia 
Oyster Bay * New Zealand 
Fetzer Sundial * U.S.A. 

Light pasta dishes in white wine sauces or mild tomato sauce would be ideal for bringing
 out the light fruity, floral flavours in this well balanced white. Switzerland typically
 produces this grape in a slightly spritzy style.

Quails Gate Chasselas / Pinot Blanc * B.C.

Chicken and seafood dishes with cream sauce are complimentary to this dry, highly acidic white wine. With quince and apple on the nose, Chenin Blanc has an unusually velvety texture with slight honey and citrus flavours. Great for instant consumption or cellaring for a decade or more.


Quails Gate * B.C.

With immense, weighty and smooth flavours, this is a delicious match with soups 
and various fish.  Produced with an obscure blend of Portuguese grapes.


Castello D' Alba Reserva * Portugal

Pairing crustaceans or fish in spicy sauces with this white wine is a brilliant union because of the spicy fruit flavors  and lingering oily finish. Gewurztraminer's literal  German translation means "spicy grape from Traminer.


Cedar Creek * B.C.
Hawthorne Mountain * B.C.
Pelee Island * Ontario
Red Rooster * B.C.
Sumac Ridge Reserve * B.C.
Tinhorn Creek * B.C.

Fish, crustaceans or pork are gratifying combinations for this diverse white. Flavours can include fruit, floral, green apple, slight citrus and a light spice. Originally from Germany,  
Riesling has great success worldwide. 

Gehringer Brothers * B.C.
Hawthorne Mountain * B.C.
Henry of Pelham Dry * Ontario
Inniskillin Reserve * B.C.
Vineland Estates Semi Dry * Ontario


Dr. Zen Zen Kabinett * Germany
Weinghut Jon Haart Piesporter Goldtrophgen * Germany
W. Gisselbrecht Reserve * France


The white wine masculine enough to enjoy with your steak. A rich white wine full of flavour.  Principle grape used for blending  in the Rhtne Region in France. 

Carlyle Vineyards * Australia

Harmonious with pasta in tomato sauces, vegetables or pacific salmon. This crisp and  dry white wine has a shy aroma with  citrus, ripe pears and medium acidity.  The Italians call this grape Pinot Bianco.


Cedar Creek * B.C.
Gray Monk * B.C.
Lake Breeze * B.C.
Sandhill / Burrowing Owl * B.C.

Complementary dishes are pasta with cream sauces and breaded poultry. A full bodied  white wine that displays soft, spicy, moderately acidic characteristics with hints of green apple.  This flavourful wine is also recognized as  Pinot Grigio, a variation of Pinot Noir.

Burrowing Owl * B.C.
Cedar Creek * B.C.
Inniskillin Pinot Grigio * B.C.
Mission Hill Grand Reserve * B.C.
Mt. Boucherie * B.C.
Red Rooster * B.C.
Wild Goose * B.C.

Enjoyable chilled on its own on a warm summer day, this award winning white wine displays characteristics  of spicy fruit which unfolds into flavour of peach  and ripe apple. Sovereign Opal was created specifically to thrive in the Okanagan Valley and  is exclusive to Calona Vineyards. This is the only varietal native to Canadian soil. This is one the wines feathered in our Canadian Pride Selections. 

Calona Vineyards * B.C.

Pairs very well with various seafood and pork dishes. Displays high acidity, crisp citrus and gooseberry flavours  as well as a herbaceous and pepper nose. Otherwise  known as Fumi Blanc, this complex white grape produces  great wines in the New World style of winemaking.

Henry of Pelham * Ontario
Sumac Ridge * B.C.

Carmen * Chile
Oyster Bay * New Zealand
Torlese Vineyards * New Zealand
Vina Los Cardos * Argentina

Favourable with poultry and white fish dishes. This low acidity wine has appealing  characteristics of lemon and grapefruit,  with a subtle lanolin on the nose.  Semillon is typically a blending partner to Sauvignon Blanc.

La Frenz * B.C.
Sumac Ridge White Meritage * B.C.


Due to high acidity, low sugar, light body and neutral aromas we suggest combining this Italian  white wine with white meat dishes in rich sauces  to create a well-balanced pairing. Trebbiano  is the most important grape for creating Soave wines  and is the prime grape for production of Cognac. 

Masi Soave Classico * Italy

White meats and seafood with light sauces or salads would be pleasing to  the palate with this particular wine.  Characteristics of spicy, floral aromas  with medium body along with peach  and apricot flavours make this shy bearer from France quite enjoyable.

La Frenz * B.C.
Heartland Viognier Pinot Gris * Australia

Red Wine Selection

Great with red meats or rich pasta! A complex nose of moist earth and overripe fruit. It has a soft, subtle approach  and a tannic berry black licorice finish on the palate.  A Canadian award winning early hybrid grape.

Henry of Pelham * Ontario 
Henry of Pelham Reserve * Ontario 

Gratifying with dark poultry dishes, grilled or roasted red meats. This dark, thick skinned grape  is well suited for oak aging and produces rich,  tannic wines with full body and flavours. Cabernet is the most widely planted red variety in the world  and blends well with Merlot and Cabernet Franc.


Black Hills Note Benne Cabernet Merlot * B.C.
Cave Spring Cabernet Merlot * Ontario
Cedar Creek Cabernet Merlot * B.C.
Cedar Creek Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon * B.C.
Pelee Island Cabernet Merlot * Ontario
Sumac Ridge Black Sage Cabernet Sauvignon * B.C.
Vineland Estates Cabernet Sauvignon * Ontario


Carmen Carmenere Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon * Chile
Columbia Crest Cabernet Sauvignon * U.S.A.
Heartland Cabernet Sauvignon * Australia
Red Dirt Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon * U.S.A.
Rodney Strong Cabernet Sauvignon * U.S.A.
Santa Rita Medalla Real Cabernet Sauvignon * Chile
Trapiche Oak Cask Cabernet Sauvignon * Argentina
Waterwheel Vineyards * Australia
Wolf Blass Black Label Cabernet Shiraz 1997 * Australia
Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon * Australia

A light wine that can be enjoyed with salmon and white meat dishes.  Intense fruity aromas and herbaceous qualities with a hint of dill.  Cabernet Franc tends to be more pleasant when 
served slightly chilled to bring out delicate fruit flavours.

Iniskillin * Ontario
Pelee Island * Ontario

Rewarding with big steaks in full flavoured sauces, this versatile red wine has low acidity, good tannins and full fruit flavours.  Colheita is produced with a blend of obscure grape varieties 
and has a style reminiscent of most Spanish reds.

Quinta Da Carm Colheita Selecionada * Portugal

Fantastic with pasta, fine herbs and light soups. This is a bright and highly acidic wine light enough for most light meats.  The Dolcetto grape, otherwise known as Ormeasco, is originally 
from Italy and can be enjoyed slightly chilled for a warm summer day.

Bests Great Western * Australia

Enjoyable with red meats and pastas with parmesan cheese, this bouncy red is full of obvious
 fruit flavour sometimes reminiscent of ripe pears. Cloned in California from the
 Pinot Noir grape and labelled Gamay Beaujolais. 

Pelee Island Zwiegelt Gamay Noir * Ontario

Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Villages *France

Ideal with pork and poultry dishes, this well balanced red has a pleasant and delicate nose with light colour and fruit flavours. Malbec is typically used to soften Cabernet Sauvignon in blends.

Vina Los Cardos * Argentina
Masi Tupungato Passo Doble * Argentina

Savoury with full flavoured soups and grilled meats, this red blend displays full bodied characteristics  with good tannins and slight fruit undertones.  Created from the finest blend of various grape  varieties such as Hermitage and Merlot,  Meritage is a term invented by North Americans. 

Cedar Creek Platinum * B.C.
Henry of Pelham * Ontario
Red Rooster * B.C.
Sumac Ridge Black Sage * B.C.

Grilled game dishes and blue cheese are great matches for wines produced from this thin skinned,  dark grape low in acidity and tannin. Merlot has  characteristics of plums with a silky texture. 
Commonly a blending partner to Cabernet Sauvignon.

Gray Monk * B.C.
Hawthorne Mountain * B.C.
Kettle Valley * B.C.
La Frenz * B.C.
Mission Hill Private Reserve * B.C.
Red Rooster * B.C.
Sandhill * B.C.
Therapy Vineyards * B.C.

Columbia Crest * U.S.A.
Vina La Playa Reserve * Chile

Mild enough to accompany salmon and some salads, it also has enough wood characteristics to complement  grilled red meats. Low acid and high alcohol  are common amongst Temperanillo which is often  blended with other lighter varieties in Spain.

Ochoa * Spain

Salads, pasta dishes and light game dishes are wonderful matches to this light yet complex wine.  Rich and velvety smooth with flavours ranging  from cherries to strawberries.  "The most tantalizing of all wines and the most disobliging.  The most unforgiving yet the most rewarding."


Chateau Des Charmes * Ontario
Gray Monk * B.C.
Inniskillin * Ontario
Mission Hill Private Reserve * B.C.
Quails Gate Limited Release * B.C.
Paul Speck Family Reserve * Ontario
Tinhorn Creek * B.C.

Red game meats, beef and spicy dishes are ideal  combinations for this Italian native. Characteristics  include full body and medium tannins with an array of  flavours from black cherry to dark chocolate. Sangiovese  is the principal grape variety used to produce Chianti.

Morovino * U.S.A.
Vitiano Falesco * Italy

Suited with a variety of red meats or full flavoured, rich pastas. These wines have characteristics that  range from light bodied with bitter cherry flavours to  distinctive medium bodied
 intensely alcoholic varieties. Valpolocella wines are created from a blend
 of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes from Italy.


Masi Amarone * Italy
Masi Campofiorin * Italy
Masi Valpolicella * Italy


A great companion to steaks with full flavoured sauces.This ancient grape creates wines that are rich  in colour, tannins and show flavours ranging  from coffee to chocolate. Otherwise known
 as Syrah,  it is believed to have originated in Persia.


Jackson Triggs Black Label * Ontario


Bests Great Western Bin 1 * Australia
Chateau Reynella Basket Pressed * Australia
Mitolo Vineyards G.A.M. * Australia
Mitolo Vineyards "Jester" * Australia
Penfolds Koonunga Hill * Australia
Swagman's Kiss Shiraz * Australia

For the adventurous, full flavoured dishes or chocolate would be a rewarding combination for the mystery grape from California.  Zinfandel displays an inky colour and intense flavours with high tannins and low acidity.

Fess Parker * U.S.A.

Sherry (2 oz.)
Tio Pepe
Harvey's Club Classic 
Harvey's Bristol Cream

Port (2 oz.)
Grahams Six Grapes
Taylor Fladgate
Churchills Vintage Character

Fortified Vintage Foch
An excellent homegrown port style wine nicely 
acidic and well balanced. Perfect for two to six people 
to enjoy after dinner or just to relax at the end of the day.

Quail's Gate * B.C

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