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The Province of 
Alberta, Canada

Canada is a vast country...the largest in the world. And Alberta gives you a chance to explore a greater variety of natural beauty than anywhere else in Canada. Want to shop in the largest shopping mall in the world? Want to hike where dinosaurs once roamed? Want to catch the biggest fish you've ever seen? Want to experience life in the wild west, complete with pioneer, cowboys and native dancers? Whether you want to sleep under the stars or in a luxury hotel, Alberta is the perfect place for your next vacation. We take great pride in offering our visitors exactly the kind of holiday they want. Around every corner, behind every breathtaking vista, you'll find thrilling adventure, superb accommodations and activities for the whole family. Alberta is a colorful mosaic of multiculturalism, intense scenic beauty and fascinating heritage. Unspoiled and unchanged, this Province is waiting to enrapture you in all its sweeping grandeur. Come and Discover Alberta with us!

Alberta Facts
Alberta was named by the Marquis of Lorne, then Governor-General of Canada, in Honor of his wife, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria. Alberta was inaugurated as a province on September 1st, 1905.
Area of Alberta 661,185 km2
Length: North to South 1223 km
Width: East to West 660 km

Population of Alberta 2,574,890 (June 1993)
Provincial Flower: Alberta Rose
The wild rose was chosen in the Floral Emblem Act of 1930.
Provincial Capital: Edmonton
Provincial Colors: Blue and gold/deep yellow
Provincial Bird: Great Horned Owl
Provincial Mammal: Big Horn Sheep
Provincial Tree: Lodge pole Pine
Provincial Stone: Petrified Wood

Provincial Flag
Under an Act, to be cited as The Flag Act, passed at the 1968 Session of the legislature of the Province of Alberta, a blue flag, with the shield of the armorial ensigns of the Province centered thereon was appointed and declared as the Flag of Alberta. This Act was proclaimed in force by Order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council on the 1st day of June, 1968.

The Arms of the Province of Alberta: On May 30, 1907, a Royal Warrant assigned the Armorial Ensigns of the Province of Alberta. Topped by a red St. George's Cross on a white background, the Armorial Ensigns feature Azure in back of a range of snow mountains with green hills, a prairie and wheat field in front. On July 30, 1980, the arms of Alberta had a Crest, Supporters and Motto added by Royal Warrant. The Crest has a Royal Crown on top of a beaver sitting on a helmet with a silver and red wreath.
The Arms of the Province of Alberta - Supporters: Gold lion and pronghorn antelope. The compartment (base of the Coat of Arms) is a grassy mount with wild roses.
Motto: FORTIS ET LIBER (Strong and Free) to be borne and used together with Arms of the Province of Alberta upon Seals, Shields, Banners, Flags, or otherwise according to the Laws of Arms. Alberta Tartan
The colors of the Alberta Tartan: represent the green of its forest, the gold of its wheat fields, the blue of its clean skies and the sparkling lakes, the pink of its wild rose, and the black of its coal and petroleum.

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